#StyleGoals February. 11. Ghostly Souls

Decoration. |

Soy Garden Shed with Lblue Bricks

Maru Kado Sleep Cat

[ keke ] Collection Grown @Fameshed

[ keke ] metal step ladder – white

[ keke ] potted herb – coriander

[ keke ]potted herb – chives

[ keke ] potted herb – sage

[ keke ]potted herb – parsley

[ keke ]potted herb – basil

[ keke ]potted herb – mint

[ keke ]watering can – grey

[ keke ]watering can – green

[ keke ]wall candle – silver

[ keke ]mistletoe green mini @Mainstore

Soy Water Mashroom w/ Moss ball

Maru Kado My little pond plate

Soy Tub of tinplate

Sari-Sari Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden Botanical Books

Soy Chair for water tub wood

ionic Botanical Scissors

ANHELO M41WF 179GA  water fauset

ANHELO M18MD 166GA strawberry planter

Sari-Sari Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden Crate

Concept}Garden Plant Bucket

Concept} Winter Garden Chair Iron

Sari-Sari Duck Bucket Trolley White Enamel

Sari-Sari Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden Industrial Cart

Sari-Sari Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden Pots and Tools

Sari-Sari Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden Drying Herbs rare

ionic minimal needs Frames

tarte hanging planter (clay)

Pose by RK Poses Gazing @Mainstore


#StyleGoals January. 18. Emotions Series I


Hair. |  RAMA SALON Madison Hair @LM

Head. |  CATWA HEAD Ciara @LM

Eyes. | LOTUS Chance Eyes rare @TSS

Sweater. | miss Chelsea Gabi Sweater @No.21

Pants. |  OVH Patrick Jeans

Sneakers. | Tentacio Mimi sneaker geometric

Decoration. |

taikou / coin washer @Uber

taikou / detergent box  @Uber

taikou / gas dryer (green / white / yellow @Uber

taikou / machine pipe A / B  @Uber

taikou / messy laundromat cart  @Uber

HAIKEI Always be there

HAIKEI It’s Cold Outside Electric Heater

*ionic* Elian Kitty

[ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout Old Radio

[ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout Pizza

taikou / laundromat building  @Uber

Pose. | RK Poses Brea@Mainstore


#StyleGoals January. 01. Heaven delight


Decoration. |

Scarlet Creative Jardiniere Cottage @Collaborator88

*ionic* Forest Bench

anc. fairy light animated 

Apple Fall Flagstones

Apple Fall Orsett Single Lantern

Apple Fall Privet Ball

HPMD. Dirt Road brown

Heart. Tree Kitchen Garden Apple Sapling


#StyleGoals October. 14. Soul of the Forest




Hair. | Ayashi Blood Alice Hair / Bow @The Once upon a Nightmare

Dress. | Zenith Witch Dress with Bones rare@kustom9

Shoes/Socks. | Zenith Witch Boot with Net socks Black rare  @kustom9

Decoration. |

ionic 1900 Baby Carriage /ionic 19th Century Park Bench / ionic 19th Century Street Lamp

[tmk] rain dog / [tmk] flower dog

Heart Witchwood Enchanted Wicca Trees With Symbols Heart Witchwood Enchanted Wicca Trees / Heart WITCHWOOD  Leaves

anc leaping sparks holo



#StyleGoals September. 02. Secrets




Hair. |RAMA.SALON Paris@Tres Chic

Mask. |OSMIA Temptation Lace Mask Pink  @Arcade

Bra. |OSMIA Temptation Lace Bra rare @Arcade

Panties. |OSMIA Temptation Lace Panties rare@Arcade

Heels |OSMIA Temptation Lace Heels rare@Arcade

Decoration. | ionic minimal needs Bed | OSMIA Temptation.Gacha.Rose.Box Pink | OSMIATemptation.Gacha.Rose.In.Lips White / Pink| OSMIA Temptation.Gacha.Kitty Decor @Arcade

Pose. | FoxCity Set Hot 


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