#StyleGoals . Moshi Moshi

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Hair.Tableau Vivant Jim hair @kustom9

Outfit.AMITOMO Another Love @kustom9

Mask.`M.BIRDIE U-ni look Mask brown@kustom9

Sneakers. | Vale Koer Nomad Sneakers @kustom9

Pet.+Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu Better View


. | taikou mitarashi dango stall @kustom9

. | taikou mitarashi dango grill @kustom9

.taikou mitarashi dango sauce @kustom9

taikou bus stop bench

taikou bamboo tree

.[[RH]] Oden Yatai Nihonshu green

.[[RH]] Oden Yatai Spice

.[[RH]] Oden Yatai Glass Sake

.[[RH]] Japanese Tea set

.[[RH]] Cafe in the park Pot

. | [[RH]] Dango Yomogi

.[[RH]] Oden Yatai Tofu

.[[RH]] Oden Yatai Menu

.[[RH]] Oden Yatai Kanzake

.[[RH]] Zabuton

.Mikunch newspaper delivery rare


. | SAYO SCENES Zen Garden Backdrop rare

#StyleGoals . The bittersweet Memories of November

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Hair.Moon Hair Wilted @Equal10Event

Accessory.Belle Epoque { Emily } Hat @Fameshed GO 

Jumpsuit.Belle Epoque { Emily } Pied De Poule Top White

Boots.Bleich Gomez White @Equal10Event

Pet.JIAN Boston Terrier Wanderer


.Scarlet Creative Carpenter Shed House @88collaborator

.C L A Vv Old Engineer Table Dark @6 Republic

.C L A Vv Old Engineer Stool  @6 Republic

.The Loft Wooden Rug

.vespertine heritage laundry basket

| unKindness Autumn’s Hall Hat Stand @Fameshed GO 

.MADRAS Adriana Red Rose Glass Pot Decor @Equal10Event

.The Loft Amberleigh side Table

. | Little Branch Lombardy Poplar

. | Little Branch Korean Beech Tree @Enchantment


#StyleGoals . Retro Orange

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Beauty.[Glam Affair] Elvira Applier [ Catwa ] @kustom9

Hair.Tableau Vivant Faith @88collaborator

Shorts. | OSMIA Rebecca Leather Shorts @Equal10Event

Top.OSMIA Rebecca Turtleneck @Equal10Event

Sneakers. | Pure Poison Adrienne Sneakers

Pet. | JIAN Splendid Spaniels Floor Snoozer


.Soy VILLA The Monday Heights

.Soy Green Plants Wall Panel

. | Milk Motion vintage leather sofa brown @88collaborator

.Milk Motion vintage leather sofa red @88collaborator

.Milk Motion vintage needlepoint frames @88collaborator

. | Milk Motion 70’s rug @88collaborator

.Milk Motion vintage record player @88collaborator

. | Milk Motion vintage marble coffee table @88collaborator

.Soy Books on Side Table

.Soy Green plants with a coiled vase

.Serenity Style Duke Retro Radio rare

.Soy Shabby Wooden Side Table

. | Nutmeg Vintage Rotary Dial Orange

.Soy Eucalyptus with Tin Jug

.Soy Retro Electronic Heater Gray

#StyleGoals . Snow flurry

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Hair. | tram H1028 hair @88collaborator

Coat. | Fashionably Dead 70’s Coat Blue @88collaborator

Pants.ISON nora rock on skinny glen plaid @88collaborator

Sneakers. | RKKN Sneakers


.MINIMAL Tibet Scene Travel Collection @TMD 

.+Half-Deer+ Pomeranian Sit Husky

.ionic Bonfire bench

.ionic Bonfire

| Little Branch ScotsPine

#StyleGoals . Be Music

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Beauty.[Glam Affair] Michelle Applier [ Catwa ] @ 88collaborator

Hair. | [monso] My Hair Akali @ 88collaborator

Bag. | REIGN Emoti Giant Bag

Top.[VALE KOER] Neoprime Bodysuit Black @ 88collaborator

Jacket.Villena Patches N Pins Dark

#StyleGoals . Those days when I miss you…

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Hair.[monso] My Hair Shiranui @ Fameshed [NEW]

Top.SPIRIT Kani top @ 88Collaborator [NEW]

Jeans.SPIRIT  Kani jeans @ 88Collaborator [NEW]


.FOXCITY. Photo Booth City Life

. | [ keke ] heart balloon red [NEW]

. [ keke ] heart balloon silver [NEW]

.Wednesday[+] ~ Pink Devil ~ Bed

.[ keke ] albums . mod collection Set

. | taikou & momento neon phone pink

.+Half-Deer+ Pomeranian Roll Over Husky

+Half-Deer+ Pomeranian Sit Husky

. | Serenity Style Musicland Nashville Acoustic Guitar

. | Serenity Style Musicland Nashville Amplifier

. | Nutmeg Sneakers Worn Black

. | Ariskea [Record50] Vinyl Record Pink

. | TH Cycle Stool

. | floorplan rotary phone cobalt

#StyleGoals . Night Drive

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Beauty.[Glam Affair] Morgana Applier [ Lelutka ]

Hairbase. | Tableau Vivant Lelutka hairbase 04

Hair. |  Tableau Vivant Zandala @ Uber

Earring.LaGyo Anastas Clock Earring Black

Chocker. | LaGyo Anastas Choker Black

Mask.LaGyo Anastas Face Mask Black

Accessory.Tableau Vivant Gothica headband

Bodysuit.Rowne Eliza Lace Bodysuit

Pants.Rowne Enza High Rise Skinny

Jacket. | Villena Pelted Fur Jacket Black

Scene.MINIMAL The Travel Scene @ Uber  (Available in Mainstore after event ends)

#StyleGoals . Death Angel

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Hair.Tableau Vivant Adry hair 88 collaborator

Accessory. | AZOURY  Raphael Accessory Black Metal 

Wings.RO The Gate Wrought Wings Silver

Thong. | erratic celeste noir

Tights. | Belle Epoque Hannah Tights

Antlers.ATTIC Featherly Antlers Metallic Black Equal10Event

Antlers.ATTIC Featherly Antlers White Bone Equal10Event

Bones.CURELESS[+] Cadavre Exquis

Deco. | Z.O.E. Black Wedding Arbor  @ Fameshed X

#StyleGoals . Gold Seduction

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Hair.little bones Poison

Headpiece.Empyrean Forge Acanthus Headpiece @ Fameshed X

Mask.Empyrean Forge Acanthus Mask @ Fameshed X

GemSuit.FAKEICON poxic gemsuit @ Fameshed X

Body. | RealEvil Perla Body Jewelry

Rings. | RealEvil Dragon Rings

Pose. | Bauhaus Movement Sonic Introversion



MADRAS ARMADA Chandelier Brass

Dahlia Solitary Confinement Cloche @ Fameshed X

ACORN Wine Cabinet Mahogany @ Fameshed X

ACORN Black Chesterfield Chair @ Fameshed X


#StyleGoals . Van Helsing

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Beauty.[Glam Affair] Morgana Applier [ Lelutka ]  @ Epiphany

HairBase.Tableau Vivant Gothica @ Epiphany

Hair.Tableau Vivant Gothica Buns  @ Epiphany

Accessory. | [CX] Tsurine Bells 2018 Gold+Glitter

Tattoo. | [White~Widow] Kings

Mouth.AsteroidBox Mouth Silencer

Mask.[CX] Necronomic Mother Mask Black/Gold

Collar. | [CX] Necronomic Mother Collar Metal Rare

Top.Rowne Roka Bandage Bralet @ 88 collaborator

Short. | =Zenith= Vampire Hunter Belt Short Black @ We♥RP

Book.BAMSE The Exorcist Bible

Gloves.=Zenith= Ranger Gloves Black


Background.[BH9] The Hallway Twisted

#StyleGoals . Autumn Vibes

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Hair. | [monso] My Hair Samantha @ Fameshed GO

Outfit.=Zenith= Cozy Sweater with Belt Skirt Beige @ N21 Event


. | Trompe Loeil Knoxlane Cottage

.tarte autumn hanging bench dark @ 88collaborator

. | Ariskea [Dakota] Hello Autumn frame

.tarte autumn hanging bulb @ 88collaborator

. | [ keke ] stringed garden lights small @ Fameshed GO

.Ariskea [Louise] The First pumpkin Orange

.[ keke ] fall maple leaves whirling brown

.ionic Trick or treat The White Rabbit

.ionic IT Mouse rare

. | [ keke ] frosted lanterns group gift winter ’18

.Ariskea [CozyNight] Copper Kettle

Ariskea [CozyNight] Choco & tea

.Ariskea [CozyNight] Box of Biscuits

#StyleGoals . Autumn Indie

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Hair. | tram H0112 hair

Hat.| *LODE* Hat Imperia without Spikes

Blouse.[spectacledchic] Louise Blouse gingham

Pants.*COCO* Linen Wide Leg Pants

Shoes. | Tetra pointed flats


.Trompe Loeil Marzelle Cottage

. | [ zerkalo ] Black Line Table

.frag.ment’s Visby Table Black @ TMD

. | frag.ment’s Sweetpea Vase Black @ TMD

.frag.ment’s Visby Stool Dark Wood @ TMD

.frag.ment’s Hang in there Dark Wood @ TMD

.frag.ment’s Calm City Peep Set @ TMD

.frag.ment’s Mono Rug Light / Dark @ TMD

.frag.ment’s Book with Glasses @ TMD

.frag.ment’s Autumn Crew rare @ Seasons History

.frag.ment’s Autumn Crew Gacha @ Seasons History

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