#StyleGoals . Utopia

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House. | Scarlet Creative Serendipity Retreat @ 88collabor

Trees. |Little Branch Bougainvillea Limit Edition @ Fameshed

Trees. |Little Branch BurOak @ Fameshed


#StyleGoals . Popsicle Beach Time

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Beauty. |Glam Affair Delia Catwa Applier Artic @ ROMP

Head. |CATWA HEAD Tala v3.0

Hair. |DOUX Selena Hairstyle Tone Pastels Ombres @ Equal10 Event

Ears. |[MANDALA] STRETCHED Ears Season II Pixie

Makeup. |Glam Affair Cosmetics Dalia Eyeshadow @ ROMP

Blush. |Just Magnetized Unicorn Highlighter @ Equal10 Event

Icecream. |MIWAS Vapor summer Heart Popsicle #Watermelon @ Equal10 Event

Makeup. |MIWAS Vapor summer Transparent Chocker #2 @ Equal10 Event

Accessories. |MIWAS Vapor summer Goggles #2 @ Equal10 Event


Swimsuit. |MIWAS Vapor summer Swimsuit A rare @ Equal10 Event

Coat. |MIWAS Vapor summer Swimsuit A Coat rare @ Equal10 Event

Shoes. |MIWAS Vapor summer Candy Wedge Shoes rare @ Equal10 Event



Bag. |MIWAS Vapor summer Bag #2 @ Equal10 Event

Swimming ring. |MIWAS Vapor summer Swimming Ring #2 @ Equal10 Event

Swimming ring. |MIWAS Vapor summer Swimming Ring #1 @ Equal10 Event

Pillow. |[Merak] Beach Pillow 2 @ 6º Republic

Pillow. |[Merak] Beach Pillow 1 @ 6º Republic

Chair. |[Merak] Beach Bar Chair @ 6º Republic

Bar. |[Merak] Beach Bar @ 6º Republic

Table. |[Merak] Small Bamboo Table @ 6º Republic

Margarita. | ChicChica Margarita Decor @ Equal10 Event

Drink. |MIWAS Vapor summer Pineapple Drink #2 @ Equal10 Event

Drink. |MIWAS Vapor summer Pineapple Drink #1 @ Equal10 Event


#StyleGoals . Tea Party

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Shop. |May’s Soul tea shop

Menu. |tarte garden party menu

Cactus. |tarte cactus marquee @ Uber

Chair. |tarte folding chair blue


[ keke ] light bubble stringed light @ keke

[ keke ] fall roses @ keke


Tea Planter. |tarte tea planter yellow

Shelf. |tarte industrial shelf light

Frame. |tarte vintage frame lemonade

Frame. |tarte vintage frame tea

Flowers. |tarte sunflowers yellow


Bunny. |*ionic* The Nerd Bunny

Counter. |*ionic* Rural Hostel Counter

Display. |*ionic* Patisserie Display

Table. |ANHELO M47TA-182GA  Fairy tea time table

Chair. |tarte folding chair mint


Tea. |dust bunny tea time

Macaron. |dust bunny sweetheart lunch macaron bowl

Shelf. |tarte guitar shelf latte

Basket. |ANHELO M47BA-182GA Fairy tea time basket

Tea Planter. |tarte tea planter blue


Teacup. |Fancy Decor Teacup

Tea. |*AF* Romantic Tea

Croissant. |BackBone Breakfast in Paris Croissant

Teacup. |Fancy Decor Teacup w/ tea

Teapot. |Fancy Decor Teapot

Coffee. |{what next} Colonna Coffee Machine white


#StyleGoals . Route 64

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Beauty. |Glam Affair Theodora Catwa Applier Tone Artic  @ 88 collaborator

Head.CATWA HEAD Tala v3.0

Hair. |[monso] My Hair Jeong Yeon @ Fameshed

Chips Bag. |Pewpew! Chips Bag Pepper

Fries. |Pewpew! Stfu Mouth Fries

Dress. |Candy Doll Selina Jump Shade I  @ 88 collaborator

Heels. |Candy Doll Selina White Heels @ 88 collaborator



Oil. |[ keke ] ego oil @ Uber

sign. |[ keke ] speed sign @ Uber

sign. |[ keke ] soft as the wind is wild aged @ Uber

Gas. |[Con.] The Garage Collection – Gas Pump Yellow

Jeep. |Toro Jeep Wrangler Blue   @ 6º Republic

Shop. |Wednesday[+] ~ OR – Brocante ~ Miniature Shop rare   @ 6º Republic

Windows. |Wednesday[+] ~ OR – Brocante ~ Broken Windows   @ Republic

Piano. |Wednesday[+] ~ OR – Brocante ~ Piano Shelf   @ Republic

Chairs. |Wednesday[+] ~ OR – Brocante ~ Old Chairs   @ Republic

Fries. |[Black Bantam] Crinkle Fries Paper Boat Decor   @ Republic

Decor. |[Black Bantam] Sauce Packet Spill Decor   @ Republic

Decor. |[Black Bantam] Crinkle Fries Pile Decor   @ Republic

Kitty. |[Black Bantam] Too Cute To Drink Horchata Kitty Decor   @ Republic


#StyleGoals . Celebration Series II

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more details zoom blog.


Bench. |ionic Ceremony bench @ Chapter 4

Altar. |ionic Ceremony Altar TCF Gift @ Chapter 4

Throne. |ionic The Forest Throne

Table&Chairs. |ionic Ceremony Table & Chairs @ Chapter 4

Candles. |ionic Candles centerpiece @ Chapter 4

Ballon. |ionic Celebration! Balloon pink/blue @ Chapter 4

Porcelain. |SPELL Porcelain Dinnerware @ Chapter 4

Cake. |SPELL Nude Cake rare @ Chapter 4

Guestbook. |ionic Polaroid Guestbook @ Chapter 4

Curtain. |SPELL Origami Curtain Pale Pink @ Chapter 4

Curtain. |SPELL Origami Curtain White @ Chapter 4

Chandelier. |ionic Ceremony Chandelier White @ Chapter 4

Water. |ionic Infused Water @ Chapter 4

Drapes. |ionic Hanging Lace Drapes @ Chapter 4

Table. |ionic la mesa del Pueblo


#StyleGoals . Celebration

Blog.   https://wp.me/p1AuqN-485



Trees. |Little Branch MoonFlower Shade @ TLC

Chapel. |ionic The White Chapel rare @ Chapter 4

Barn. |ionic The old Barn rare @ Chapter 4

Sign. |ionic Reception Sign @ Chapter 4


Puerta. |ionic Puerta al Jardin

Fence. |ionic Wooden Fence

Fountain. |ionic Fountain white

Bench. |ionic 19th Century Park Bench


Altar. |ionic Ceremony Altar TCF Gift @ Chapter 4

Sign. |ionic Grab a pair to dance some more! @ Chapter 4

Altar. |ionic Natural Altar

Campanario. |ionic Campanario


#StyleGoals . My secret place

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House. |Scarlet Creative Lavender Brown House

Table. |Nutmeg Old Wooden Table @ Shiny Shabby

Vase. |*LODE* Decor Bougainvillea Vase coral

Chair. |Nutmeg Round Back Fabric Chair Beige with Bowl @ Shiny Shabby

Cups. |Nutmeg Kate’s Little Cups @ Shiny Shabby

Bowl. |Nutmeg Kate’s Bowl w/White Napkins @ Shiny Shabby

Eggs. |Apple Fall Nest w/ Speckled Eggs

Book. |Apple Fall Potting Shed Book

Teapot. |Apple Fall Enamel Teapot Mint Green

Coffe. |Apple Fall Hazelnut Creme Coffee Rose Exclusive


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