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#StyleGoals February. 15. And I’m here

Beauty. |[theSkinnery] Saska Tone milk @Rewind

Hair. |[monso] My Hair Doyeon @88collabor

Dress. |=Zenith= Sweater with spender Skirt black @kustom9

Pose.RK Poses That feeling @Shiny Shabby

Decoration. |

[ keke ] book-s-table . white

Nutmeg Hardy Rack with Basket

tarte pillow pile


#StyleGoals February. 14. Let’s Play

Beauty. |[theSkinnery] Saska Tone milk @Rewind

Head. |Catwa Head Keme

Hair. |Besom Pixie Buns

Tattoo. |Stardust Junko Tattoo @Hentai Fair

Mask. |Belle Epoque Flash Dance Overall mask black @Pocket Gacha

Screwer. |Belle Epoque Flash Screwer grey @Pocket Gacha

Top. |Belle Epoque Flash Dance Overall rare @Pocket Gacha

Pose. | Bauhaus Movement

Decoration. |


Floorplan signal No Pants @No21. Event


#StyleGoals February. 13. Over your eyes

Hair. |Monso My hair Joy @Fameshed

Accessories. |Quirky Ame Umbrella Noir

Body. |SPIRIT Ketlin Body @88collabor

Jeans. |SPIRIT Ketlin Jeans @88collabor

Coat. |SPIRIT Ketlin Coat @88collabor

Pose. |Bauhaus Movement 

Decoration. |


#StyleGoals February. 12. All the Stars

Decoration. |

tarte farmhouse rug

ionic Stay tonight bed

HIDEKI  Vintage TV

ionic Antique chair ivory

ionic Tote Bag [ kisses ]

ionic  Tote Bag [ denim ]

oyasumi / oyasumi milk (without cereal)

ionic Sansevieria plant & lamp

HAIKEI Belong To You / GACHA / {4}

HIDEKI  Suitcase Endtable

Soy Record Shelf [full]

7  Micro Cassette Recorder MCR-11

oyasumi / preamp

oyasumi / three-star cigarettes

ionic Alternative vinyl table

[Con.] Live Music Sign

oyasumi record player + headphones

ionic Canvas on the floor

ionic Luz lamp

ionic where is my house? rare

Apple Fall Stacked Wire Baskets

Soy Learned record


#StyleGoals February. 12. All the Stars

Hair. |[monso] My Hair Sorim @kustom9

Tattoo. |Stardust  Kiri White Tattoo @Store

Top. |miss chelsea Tove Bralet @Frou Frou

Boxer. |miss Chelsea Tove Boxers  @Frou Frou

Jacket. |Villena Rose Bud Fur Jacket Blush @kustom9

Decoration. |

MishMish Kitties go to market Computer rare

HAIKEI It’s Cold Outside books

ionic Stay tonight bed

ionic Noodles


#StyleGoals February. 11. Ghostly Souls

Decoration. |

Soy Garden Shed with Lblue Bricks

Maru Kado Sleep Cat

[ keke ] Collection Grown @Fameshed

[ keke ] metal step ladder – white

[ keke ] potted herb – coriander

[ keke ]potted herb – chives

[ keke ] potted herb – sage

[ keke ]potted herb – parsley

[ keke ]potted herb – basil

[ keke ]potted herb – mint

[ keke ]watering can – grey

[ keke ]watering can – green

[ keke ]wall candle – silver

[ keke ]mistletoe green mini @Mainstore

Soy Water Mashroom w/ Moss ball

Maru Kado My little pond plate

Soy Tub of tinplate

Sari-Sari Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden Botanical Books

Soy Chair for water tub wood

ionic Botanical Scissors

ANHELO M41WF 179GA  water fauset

ANHELO M18MD 166GA strawberry planter

Sari-Sari Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden Crate

Concept}Garden Plant Bucket

Concept} Winter Garden Chair Iron

Sari-Sari Duck Bucket Trolley White Enamel

Sari-Sari Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden Industrial Cart

Sari-Sari Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden Pots and Tools

Sari-Sari Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden Drying Herbs rare

ionic minimal needs Frames

tarte hanging planter (clay)

Pose by RK Poses Gazing @Mainstore


#StyleGoals February. 10. Vanity

Decoration. |

SAYO Romance & Roses Box of Roses Pink @Mainstore

dust bunny folding fur chair

SAYO Boudoir Bedroom Fur Rug @Mainstore

SAYO Boudoir Bedroom  Blush Bed @Mainstore

SAYO Boudoir Bedroom  Metal Side Table @Mainstore

SAYO Boudoir Bedroom  Hexagon Mirror @Mainstore

SAYO Paige Vanity Set (mirror / roses / stool) @Mainstore

SAYO Ontario Nightcap Chair @Mainstore

dust bunny snake plant

SAYO Room 214 @Uber



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